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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kings & Fish

“What kind of news is this!!!” said presidential spokesperson Rashid Qureshi and put off the line in annoyance. BBC representative was shocked on this reaction. He made this conversation as news and published this news on evening of 2nd December 2007.

According to BBC, their representative contacted the president spokesperson Major Gen. (Retd) Rashid Qureshi and asked him “When will President Musharraf leave the Army House?” The president spokesperson took this question against all ethics of Journalism and Diplomatist and said “What kind of news is that!!! When will President Musharraf leave the army house” and hung up the line. The BBC representative commented on this “it seems as President Musharraf is in no hurry to leave the army house. On the other hand letters have been issued to the Judges to leave the official residences that refused to take oath according to PCO.

When I read this news, I felt that BBC correspondent was unaware of the ground realities of Pakistan, neither he was aware of Pakistan's tough time, war against terrorism, nor he was aware of opposition's non-political and non-democratic movements, otherwise he should have never asked such a stupid question with an official representative. I think BBC correspondent didn't know that President Musharraf is Pakistan's most powerful person; he was attached with Pakistan's largest and the strongest institution ever for 46 years of his life. He has the power of imposing and eliminating emergency rule, also country's biggest political power PML-Q and Molana Fazal-ul-Rehman are puppets on his fingers. Therefore he will not leave the army house as long as he wishes and no one including BBC has the right to ask him about.

I also felt BBC's comments on deposed Judges as insulting; because Judges not taking oath on PCO are guilty of disturbing democracy, peace, justice and economic stability of the country. These are the people who tried to weaken Pakistan's most powerful and strongest government. Chief Justice Iftikhar M. Choudary is country's biggest criminal. He started to take so-mo-to actions, one after another, because of which common man had access to the doors of courts and public was started expecting justice in this country. Iftikhar Chaudary's second blunder was to remove the fear of state owned institutes from people's hearts and minds. Chief Justice made people think that angels like IG and chief secretary of Pakistan were also accountable, and respected institutes can also be called upon in courts. Because of this crime, the government was facing difficulty in ruling the rulings. Chief Justice's third offence was the legal barriers put on government's path of self-centered policies, whether it was Steel Mill's privatization or collaboration with Benazir Bhutto, he had placed the walls of law on government's every 'legal' action. Iftikhar Choudary's fourth mistake was to ask about the missing citizens' of Pakistan, which resulted in Government's answer-less face in the court. Chief Justice's fifth crime was the 9th March. 'His Highness' the President and his associates had asked Mr. Iftikhar Choudary to resign on 9th March but he refused. Chief Justice's refusal was a big interference in government's matters. His sixth mistake was his appeal in court against his deposed position, and his seventh mistake was to wave hands on lawyer's slogans in his favor, attending their rallies and to accept the decision of his restoration as Chief Justice on 20th July.

Other 'rebel' Judges of Supreme Court and High Courts are also national criminals just like Chief Justice. They commit a crime on 13th March by accepting the petition of Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudary. Rana Bhagwan Das's crime was that he refused to become Chief Justice replacing Iftikhar Choudary, instead he ordered a full court bench for Chief Justice's Reference case and refused to attend phone calls and meetings with Government officials. Justice Khalil ur Rehman Ramday, Justice Sardar Raza Mohammad Khan, Justice Shakir Ullah Jan, Justice Tasdiq Jeelani and Justice Ghulam Rabbani are also national criminals. They not only became a part of Chief Justice Reference case bench, but also declared the deposition of Chief Justice as illegal and unlawful. The BBC correspondent didn’t know that disobedient Judges and their terrorism did not end here instead Supreme Court had accepted the petition against President Musharraf and Benazir’s ordinance for hearing. Supreme Court had allowed Shariff family to return to the country, and on 10th December when the government forcefully handed Mr. Shariff to Saudi Government, then the Court had started the hearing of insulting court against the government. Supreme Court also accepted the petition against two positions of the President for hearing, and began the hearing against the Presidential Election. Further the last and non tolerable crime of these Judges was that they refused to take oath according to PCO.
His Highness the President declared emergency on 3rd November in Pakistan as an Army Chief, after which the Judges were given an opportunity to save their jobs, but these disobedient Judges gave priority to their dignity over their jobs. Even they are not aware of ground realities and are trying to be Tipu Sultan, therefore the government have every legal right to take their homes, cars, drivers and cooks from them and also to stop their salaries and pensions. BBC correspondent didn’t know that Government is taking action against these ‘National Criminals’ just according to the law and constitution. The government has already deposed 24 Judges of three High Courts for their crime on 4th December. The houses of the deposed Judges have already been allotted to the Judges well aware of ‘ground realities’ and ‘army matters’. BBC correspondent even don’t know that Lahore’s government had already issued a notice of leaving official residence to Justice Shahid Siddiqui for these crimes, and all these actions are just according to law and constitution.

The BBC representative was really unaware of Pakistan’s ground realities otherwise he must have never asked such a question to the government officials. Our ground realities are far different than that of US and Europe. In US, Europe and Far East jungle and strength are not the law. There any journalist can ask a question like “when will you leave the army house?” to any ruling authority, and that ruling authority gladly answers the question. However our ground realities are made up of Jungle loam with nectar of baton, and so questions like that are in fact no news for Pakistan. BBC correspondent didn’t know that Pakistan is such an interesting country where the notice of leaving the residence is being issued to the Judges not taking oath according to PCO by that caretaker Interior Minister who himself did not leave the possession of the official residence for one year after his retirement. The notice resulted in seizure of the residence, car and other official facilities from the Judges where five former Federal Ministers are taking part in upcoming elections with official bullet proof cars, official staff and official security and where sixteen former federal ministers have 350 guards and cars of Islamabad police, where the real Judges and true justice is confined in homes but former Federal Minister for health Naseer Khan is found to have a fake degree. He was Minister of Health for past five years with a fake degree, and he on his seat issued hundreds of true and fake medicine certificates. This is such an interesting country where judges following the law and constitution are treated as ‘national criminals’ and where presidential spokesperson becomes mad on questions like “When will the President leave the army house?”

I personally think that BBC correspondent didn’t know about us at all otherwise he must have known that in countries like Pakistan ‘dignity’ is a crime and ‘principle’ is a sin, he must have known that in Jungle’s law the power is always with King and according to the constitutions of the seas, the Big Fish is always the law. One must not ask such questions to Kings and Big Fish, they tend to get irritated on such questions.

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