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Saturday, December 31, 2011


May Rostom

An apple falls from a tree. It didn’t want to fall. It wasn’t sure someone would be down there to catch it. It wasn’t sure the fall would be worth it all. It wasn’t optimistic about the change that would eventually take place, and the bruises it would have from the freefall. The apple fell anyway; the tree didn’t push it though.

Gravity sucks you right where you should be, right where destiny wants you. Right in the middle of the classroom that is life. Gravity and nothing but gravity.

You can’t stop gravity from pulling you down, even if you tie a rope around your waist, all you can do is cross your fingers and hope to God that this fall won’t break you. That this lesson is one you haven’t learned before; that even though gravity is working against you, deep down inside you want to be drained into this whirlpool of love. The downside of it though, is once the apple falls from the tree, it can’t go back where it used to be. It can’t be tied back to the branches like before but can be glued together to resemble itself in an earlier state prior to falling.

That apple is you and me.

You and me in a temporary madness called love. A series of ups and downs that create a bittersweet symphony referred to as infatuation. A life threatening disease that alters the most delicate organ in your human body; your heart. An unexpected blow to the head that will leave you light-headed whether you like it or not. The one thing that I'm sure of though, the apple falls from the tree only when it’s ripe and hard enough to hit that ground without shattering into pieces. And if the apple is lucky enough, it’ll find someone to pick it up and appreciate its existence.

This my friend, is what gravity is all about.