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Friday, December 14, 2007

1948 Pakistan Vs 2007 Pakistan

Cabinet’s meeting was underway; an ADC asked “should I serve tea or coffee, Sir”, stunned on the question and replied; “don’t they take tea or coffee at their homes”, ADC startled by the answer, he continued “If any minister wants to have tea or coffee, better to have it at home, otherwise go back to home and have tea or coffee then return. The funds of the nation are for the nation and not for its ministers”.

After this order, in cabinet meetings only simple water was served as long as he remained as ruling authority. Rs.38.5 was spent for bits and pieces at Governor General House. Invoice was ordered for scrutinizing the record. Some things were ordered by Ms. Fatima Jinnah, so ordered to take the bill from Madam, some stuff for his personal use and was asked to be deducted from his own account, however some belongings were of official use at Governor General House and the amount was allowed to be taken from the official account with an advise for the care to be taken in future.

Brother of the British King, Duke of Gloater was coming to Pakistan. The British ambassador requested “Could you welcome him at the airport” replied joyfully “I am ready, but when my brother will go to London, the British King must also welcome him at airport”. Once an ADC presented you a visited card, and He tore the card away and ordered the ADC to ask him to go away and never return. This was his brother’s card, and his offence was just that he mentioned “Brother of Qaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, Governor General Pakistan”

Once Ziaraat was chilling, Col. Elahi Bakhsh offered him a new pair of socks. Jinnah liked the pair very much and asked its price, Col. replied Rs.2, hearing that he replied “it’s too expensive”. Col. replied politely “Sir, they are bought from your personal account”. “Even my personal account is a nations integrity, ruler of a poor country should not be such voluptuous”, saying so he wrapped up the socks again and asked Col. Bakhsh to return.

Once in Ziarat enthused by service of a nurse, asked her, “Daughter! What can I do for you?” She replied that her whole family is in Punjab she is along at Ziarat for her job, and requested Jinnah if he can make her transfer to Punjab. Upon this he replied with sorrow that he is sorry for that as it was a matter of Minister of Health, a Governor General is not authorized for this transfer.

Once, Quaid ordered for a writing table at his plane. When the file reached Minister of Finance, he though allowed for the payment, but issued a note saying that Governor General is legally bind to take permission from Finance minister before making such orders. Felling deeply sorry for that, Jinnah cancelled his order and replied with a written apologies to the Finance Minister.

And everyone knows the train barrier’s chronicle. Gul Hassan had opened the barrier for Jinnah’s car to pass. He get angry on this course of action and ordered to close the barrier at once, saying if he do not follow the rules and who else would.

This was Pakistan before 60 years from today, when Mohammad Ali Jinnah was the ruler of this country. Then we marched forward prospering and resulted in today’s Pakistan, where railway barriers are something very small, all the road signals went off at least 1 hour before the ruler have to pass from there. Traffic at both ends stand still and unless the royal caravan passed, neither the traffic runs nor the traffic signals, where President, without the permission of Finance Minister, announces funds of millions. Air Planes are bought neglecting the disapproval of Finance Minster, where hundreds were hired by Presidents and Ministers, hundreds were transferred, and hundreds were fired, and even hundreds were given promotions ignoring all the rules and regulations. Now, unlike Jinnah’s socks, even children nappies are bought with national funds. In today’s Pakistan, the annual budget for President House and Prime Minister House is Rs.185 and Rs.200 million respectively. Now parliament house is practically owned by brothers, sisters, nephews and husbands, and where calls were made from Prime Minister House to secretariats saying “Its PM’s brother in law”.

Here the whole government is seen waiting at airport to welcome US deputy minister. Now not just tea or coffee, but a grand Dinner or Lunch is served in cabinet meetings. Now just the kitchen budgets of President House and Prime Minister House have crossed millions. It is that prosperous Pakistan, where 16 million poor are residing. When Jinnah leaves the Governor General House, only one police jeep escort him, it is the time when Gandhi was already assassinated, and Jinnah’s life was under threat. Even then Quaid used to walk daily without any security. But today’s governing authorities cannot travel even 10KM without modern bullet proof vehicles, security guards and special trained commandos.
We couldn’t create an atmosphere of equality here; okay, neither could we give it an independent, decision taking and reliable leadership; okay, we couldn’t make it a modern, prosperous and peaceful country; okay, but at least we can bring it back to 1948, we can at least make it a 60 years old Pakistan.

Is there anyone who can take this modern, prosperous and this highly established Pakistan from us and give us back our backward, poor and non prosperous Pakistan, can anyone give us back Quaid-e-Azam’s Pakistan. 16 Million Poor in this country are willing to have 1948 Pakistan instead of 2007 Pakistan.

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