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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Imperial Design’s

It’s getting quite cold in Pakistan these days, but the chill felt currently is not due to icy cold winds blowing in. After the relative calm felt post our general calling in the people from Scotland yard to investigate BB’s death a new kind of threat is surfacing.

Where previously we were worried about dissidents causing our country to break up from within, after BB’s horrible murder. There are now comments coming in from the Imperial States which are giving us more cause to worry.

I speak of presidential hopefuls like “Ms Clinton” & “Mr Obama” who are now openly declaring in their inflamed “give me a vote” speeches that the U.S needs to take care of Pakistani nukes. Although true that these are very dangerous times in Pakistan, but this is not very responsible behavior by the U.S presidential hopefuls. Obviously they need to talk about Pakistan as their newspapers are full of news of this country everyday, thus it’s now a major component of their foreign policy. However the words being spoken now are those of invading another’s sovereignty, something which is not taken lightly.

First of all our Politicians and Generals are of the same opinion, stating plainly that our Nukes are safe. I believe them, for the simple reason that this is the only thing they agree on. Secondly even as a layman it is quite hard to imagine a Militant style leadership taking power in Pakistan. However the western media fired up as it is against our country, deems it necessary to point out that we are a nation where anything could happen!!! They point out the looting in Karachi and Sind as examples and raise eyebrow’s. Well I ask them what of Hell Ay? And what happened there a few years ago? Have they forgotten that such events have occurred in their nation as well and were motivated by racial hatred rather than politics? They have had political assassinations as well also. Was Kennedy’s shooter ever really found? Similarly what of the tragic fate of his entire family members, killed one by one in mysterious and sometimes unexplained “accidents. So are we to assume that someday their nukes can be threatened by the oppressed class in their nation as well? Or fall into the hands of rogue elements in their intelligence services?

I really feel for our leadership at a time like this. As lets face it we cannot bite the hand that feeds us, our shackles where the Imperial States is concerned are omnipresent. However the winds blowing around the White house these days seem to suggest something is not very right in the great imperialist mind. They say a joint Task force should be created to monitor our warheads. They say we need help to “Take care of them” well it brings back some scary memories to a history buff like me. Did the East India company not enter the subcontinent at the behest of “Helping to organize trade” there? I think it is happening again, a pre requisite is being created in the collective opinion of today’s world to justify some sort of action. We must remain aware, alert and united in our nationalistic spirit. Our leaders need to understand the need of the hour, we are under threat!!!

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