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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Come hell or high waters!!

History is evident that despite ongoing wars within a number of states, they still held the general elections. It must be mentioned here that these were the Third world states such as from African continent. It elaborates that if nations have true ferment about democratic institutions nothing can stop there motivated ambitions.

After the mantra of Come hell or high water the regime in Pakistan reaffirmed the approach of one step forward two steps back which it has been demonstrating since the days of seven point Agenda. In this context should all the claims of developing state, secure command and control of nuclear technology, supporting the right of self determination in Kashmir be taken as hollow sloganeering? The so called third stage of transition to democracy is postponed but the vital question is when the first actual phase of democracy was ever implemented in its true essence under present regime.
Mr. Musharraf has broken his promises very boldly in previous years concerned with doffing his uniform and now the postponing of general elections. It was him stating with his head high that “come hell or high waters” general election will not be postponed. The trust people had in Musharraf when he ceased power in 1999 has been reciprocally lost. It won’t be an exaggeration that today he is the last man to be trusted in Pakistan and if another referendum takes place he sure will make another record like his previous referendum. The difference would be he will make the record by gaining least number of votes this time. The hell has come down on the people of Pakistan the high waters would only wash away the anarchy and totalitarianism in Pakistan.

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