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Thursday, January 17, 2008


News paper may surprise you by not mentioning single suicide blast news. You find the nation divided, half of the nation is favoring the government’s policies and half the nation is sloganning against the present government. People are queuing up for their basic needs (though in vain), petroleum prices are getting higher day by day. People are now just fading up of even protesting against the non availability of basic utilities. People are now used to live without electricity. Government is getting pressurized to meet the ever increasing demands from foreign ‘friends’. Political instability of the country is at its peak, citizens are unaware of the fate of their country. Country is at a brisk of war. Government is getting threads from civilized countries for giving up their war heads to them. A plan has been plotted to enter into the country making use of the excuse “unsafe warheads”.

If you think I am talking about the current situation of Pakistan, then you are definitely wrong. I am actually remembering the situation faced by Iraqi people just before the war on terror fell upon them. Yes, a very same strategy is again being used on Pakistan. The only difference is that before Saddam Hussain was ‘used’ and ‘discarded’, and now our government is being used, the later is planned. In Iraq the excuse was ‘The weapons of mass destruction’ and this time the slogan being used is ‘The unsafe nuclear warheads’. Before the nation was divided on the based of religion (Shiya-Sunni) and now the base is regional/political conflicts (Swat, North and South Waziristan, Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP, FATA etc). Before the intentions were to secure the vast oil fields. Now the intensions are to secure the cheapest and shortest route to transport the Oil from Middle East, Asia to US and Europe i.e. Iran – Afghanistan – NWFP – Balochistan - Gwadar.

Statements are being given about Pakistan’s nuclear warheads. Hillary Clinton has said that “she will put Pakistan Government under pressure to safeguard Pakistani Nuclear warheads by giving them under US and UK supervision.” Presidential Candidate Richardson has said that “Pakistan is a failed state with nuclear warheads and Pakistan Government has not done much against Al Qaida, provided that we have granted 11 Billion USD for that.”

International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) president Mr. Mohammad Al Baradi has given a statement that “Pakistan’s nuclear warheads are under threat. Due to lawlessness and instability in the country, extremists might take the control of the country that have around 40-50 war heads.” Al Bardari further said that “Pakistan will be affected more in case there is an attack, where the situation is very tense after Mumbai Attacks.

Like wise all the US and western media is also busy in propagating falsely against Pakistan’s Nuclear Warheads.

Statements from US Officials, President of IAEA, and western media’s much propaganda is all a part of the Evil plans where all the Islam’s and Pakistan’s enemies are united against Pakistan’s nuclear warheads.

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